Conditions and privacy

We've summarized our terms and privacy policy and there is a more detailed version available.

Who is behind the app? KEYSTONE success will act as your point of contact.

What will happen with your data? Your data is being stored for benchmark purposes, but it will never be shared with others, other than completely anonymized. We also use cookies in order for the app to function properly and to be able to analyse its usage.

How safe is my data? We comply with strict European legislation. We will do anything to protect your data, but unfortunately we cannot give you guarantees.

What if I am not happy? If you are not happy we will do everything we can to find a joint solution.

Liability We do not accept liability for any damages that might follow from the use of the app.

What are my rights when it comes to privacy? Your privacy and your data are important to us. We comply with strict regulations and as a user you have a lot of rights. Expand this text box to read about your rights in more detail.

Who can I turn to when I have questions? At any time feel free to contact KEYSTONE success with any questions or concerns that you might have. You can reach us through